Lightweight Folding Manual Wheelchair

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Made of high quality PVC mats and steel frame.

Артикул: WC-712-1 Категория:


This is our back and mat manual wheelchair which can provides comfort and mobility in an economical package. Complete with front riggings packaged with the chair, the wheelchair combines style and durability. Perfect for a variety of user needs from temporary, post-surgery use to longer-term use, the wheelchair features swing-out footrests to make transferring in and out of the wheelchair easier and wheel locks for added security


Вес 8 kg
Габариты 100 × 120 × 75 cm

Black, Red, Silver


21'', 33''

2 отзыва на Lightweight Folding Manual Wheelchair

  1. admin

    This is a new transition for my 91 year old father…it became too difficult for him to walk with a walker when we go on trips and so I ordered this chair. He fits in it and it was ready to use right out of the box. I wouldn\’t even count hooking on the foot rests as assembly.

  2. admin

    Lighter, more compact, and more easily maneuverable than a regular wheelchair. Folds well and goes in back of SUV so much easier than the full size version. Also, compared to the full size drive, the arm rests come forward further, allowing better leverage when the patient tries to stand up.

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